How It Works

1. You select your postcode(s)
Choose the postcode(s) relevant to you

2. Go-OffMarket connects you
Your dashboard will show the best local High Street estate agents

3. You control the flow
You decide how many (or few) agents you like to chat to

4. Gain expert local knowledge
No timewasting
- Agents will only introduce serious buyers to you
- You will be the first to find out about your matching properties

Your details are secure
All messaging happens through our secure system - zero details shared

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What's it all about?

Imagine when thinking about moving, you can go to a website, or download an App, register and connect with the best High Street agents in one go. Get to see an image of each registered agent, plus a bio of the agent’s marketing history in the area and their personal interests.



> Humanising your property journey and connecting you in a way that you would with your friends or family.

> You are able to chat, WhatsApp style, with as many (or few) agents as you like, securely and with you in control.

> Sellers: find out about the local property market, get real feedback on the value of your property and the potential demand.

> Buyers: by proving you are serious, you will be able to get notified about matching property the second it becomes available and before it goes online.